Winter Season – A Boiler Breakdown Season
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Winter Season – A Boiler Breakdown Season

November 2016

Is your home winter ready?

Winter is fast approaching and boiler breakdown season will soon be uponEnergy-use-condensation-smoke-from-firing-gas-boiler-resize us!

Making sure your boiler is winter ready - is well worth the time and effort - who wants to find their hot water or radiators aren't working on a freezing Monday morning?

Here are some hints and tips from boiler experts BTU Installation & Maintenance which will help you keep your family safe and warm this winter.

  • Get your boiler serviced annually, it's the best way to make sure you don't have problems when the weather changes and your boiler is suddenly under pressure!

  • If you have a pressurised system, check the pressure regularly and (if required) adjust it so that it matches the recommended readings in your boiler manual.

  • Make sure your pumps are running smoothly - during the summer turn your boiler on every now and then for 10-15minutes

  • Test your central heating timer to make sure that it is working correctly.

  • Regularly inspect your boiler for any signs of leaks or damage.

  • Make sure that your boiler condensate pipe is correctly lagged, to stop it from freezing during cold weather.

  • Check your boiler for sooty black marks - if you notice any call a qualified engineer immediately.

  • Bleed your radiators regularly to remove excess air from your central heating system.

  • Make sure that your boiler has adequate ventilation remove any clutter around it - especially if it's in a cupboard.

  • Check that all external vents, flues and air bricks are clear.

  • If you have a gas boiler, make sure that the pilot light has a strong blue flame. If the flame is yellow or smoky report the problem to an engineer immediately.

  • If you have an oil boiler, check your oil levels regularly. Try not to run out of oil as if the system gets clogged up with sludge and debris it could damage your boiler.

  • Always keep a copy of your boiler manual close to hand, or check the manufacturer's website for troubleshooting information.

  • All homes with gas boilers and appliances should have a Carbon Monoxide detector installed. You should also test it at least once a month.

Also, by getting your boiler serviced annually you should save money on your heating bills and the warranty will remain valid.

BTU's annual boiler service costs start at as little as £82.80

To book a service simply call us on

01483 255855

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