HVAC Maintenance and Responsive Repairs

Surrey County Council (West)
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BTU provide the Mechanical and Air Conditioning planned maintenance and responsive repairs to corporate, properties and schools within the West Surrey County Council area. Types of buildings include: mental health facilities, judicial, probation, community care, acute health or other secure or semi-secure facilities.

We maintain 250 buildings including 66 schools, with over 1500 assets requiring maintenance – these range from maintenance of heating and gas boiler installations and plant to pipework, plumbing, solar, ventilation and AHUs, to kitchen equipment and oil storage. All are in operational buildings and require significant communication with the client and building managers to deliver.

We offer planned preventative maintenance, statutory servicing and non-statutory, responsive repairs in accordance with agreed responsive times and we complete further quoted works for the buildings as required.

The most relevant tasks performed included:
Mobilisation of multi faceted contract.
Establish compliance system.
Reporting of recording of progress accurately and promptly for clients.
Utilising BTU and Client CAFMS systems.
Stakeholder liaison.
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