Our Approach to Installation

Through more than 50 years of experience, we have developed a special approach to the installation process in order to guarantee results and sustainability. This approach involves:

  • Bespoke designs tailored to the requirements of our clients. Our expert engineers usually can provide in-house design and technical support for the decision-making process. From design and engineering to operation and maintenance, we strive for sustainable development.
  • We use cutting-edge techniques such as scanning plant rooms to create accurate models of the Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) and structural components which allows our designers to avoid mismatches that would not have been detected until the construction phase. As a result, off-site fabrication of different components becomes easier and makes reducing installation times and shutdown costs possible.
  • Using our reporting technology, works are tracked in our Contact Centre so we can manage and report progress in real-time.
  • In order to control quality during the construction phase, our engineers are equipped with mobile tablets for access to our Service Pro CAFM system & knowledge database, and they can use the technology we provide them to report works performed in real time.
  • We plan and manage your project by using operational systems fully integrated with our SAGE finance software for control of orders, invoices and project costing.
  • Even though we make sure the whole installation process was a success before closing any project, we operate a 365-day 24/7 service with a manned helpdesk and 2-hour response after completion, in the unlikely event any issue should arise.

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