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20th August

Landlords - Got your CP12 renewals scheduled?

AdobeStock 100851803

Whether you let a single property, a number of properties, you run a more commercial property portfolio or you are an estate agent, you will need to keep your statutory certificates like CP12 up to date and heating and appliances in tenanted properties fully serviced and running smoothly all year round.


BTU has more than 50 years experience working with landlords and tenants in both private and public sectors. We currently look after 20,000 dwellings in Surrey, London and the South East - so we know a thing or two about keeping landlords organised and tenants happy!


Plus, we have over 60 Gas Safe registered engineers on the road, fully employed by us - and we have the capability to deliver a great service, monitor work quality and our Guildford based Admin Teams are skilled at managing the entire process smoothly and efficiently.


So whether you need a one-off inspection, an emergency service or repair, yearly landlord gas safety inspections or a fully managed service, we can provide the best solution for you and your business. Choose from our packages:


  • Standard - pay-as-you-go service
  • Signature - a preference service for Landlords and Letting Agents
  • Bespoke - a fully Managed Services for larger or more commercial portfolios


To learn more about our Landlord Services or to request a call back simply click here or contact us on 01483 255855.

25th July

Beat the Heat this Summer and Stay Safe and Cool


Heatwave AdobeStock_198966978


Being in the midst of an unexpected heatwave might seem like a blessing during winter storms and snow!  But, any extreme or unexpected weather affects us in different ways and it is really important to take steps to minimise the impact on the elderly, the young, the vulnerable and anyone who is sensitive to weather extremes.


Since BTU always tries to help with cold weather in the winter we thought it was equally important to help our customers and friends understand how to keep cool and be prepared for the high temperatures we are experiencing at the moment.


Skin care and exposure to the sun

Recent advice has been stay out of the sun during the hottest periods of the day (usually between 11am and 3pm).  This is especially important if you are in a vulnerable group. But, if you like being in the sun,  be careful. Make sure you cover up, wear a hat and sunglasses, but also ensure you regularly apply sun cream (factor 30+) regularly. Children and the more vulnerable should wear total sun black (factor 50) and remain in the shade.


Diet and hydration

  • Make sure you are eating a balanced diet so your body can replace any salt or minerals you are losing by sweating. Also, it’s important to drink water or liquid each day - aim for 6 – 8 glasses of liquid a day, and more if it’s hot.
  • If you are taking certain types of medication especially those that affect water retention you need to take extra care.  Make sure you speak to your GP or a Pharmacist if you are worried or concerned in anyway.
  • Take care if you experience muscle cramps in your arms, legs or stomach.  If you suffer sleeplessness, weakness or mild confusion rest in a cool place and drink plenty of fluids.  See your GP if the symptoms persist.

Heat exhaustion

The symptoms of heat exhaustion include headaches, dizziness, nausea or vomiting, intense thirst, heavy sweating and a fast pulse. If you have any of these symptoms you must, if at all possible:

    • find a cool place and loosen tight clothes
    • drink plenty of water or fruit juice
    • sponge yourself with cool water or have a cool shower
    • Your symptoms should improve within 30 minutes. If you're feeling better but still have any concerns, call your GP or NHS 111 for advice.


Heatstroke can develop if heat exhaustion is left untreated – it can also develop suddenly and without warning. The symptoms of heatstroke include confusion, disorientation, seizures and loss of consciousness.

Heatstroke is a life-threatening condition. If you or someone else shows symptoms:

  • call 999 immediately
  • if you have a community alarm, press the button on your pendant to call for help
  • while waiting for the ambulance, follow the advice given for heat exhaustion but do not try to give fluids to anyone who is unconscious.

Keeping cool in the office or the home

Where it’s possible put the air-conditioning on – especially at work – and drink plenty of liquids. If you don’t have the luxury of air-con and you feel the heat, use a fan both day and night. Try and– have a door or window open at the front and back of where you live or work, this will create a breeze. If you are lucky enough to have air-con, make sure it has been serviced and is working properly – otherwise you are wasting energy and not getting any benefit – you may also be causing damage to the air-con unit which will be expensive to fix or replace!


For further information about the services we offer please contact us on 01483 255855.

9th July 2018

Be BBQ Safe this Summer!

Whilst CO awareness is something you think about in the winter months, you'll want to be aware that it can be a danger in the summer too - don't forget you are heating water for all those showers the family are taking and probably heating during some chilly nights. 

BBQ AdobeStock_56473790

And with the weather at the best it's been in years and football season at fever pitch - we're all probably planning a barbeque or two over the coming weeks.  You'll want to be aware of the dangers of CO if you are planning a BBQ, because having a Barbeque in an enclosed space could pose a danger of CO poisoning - so don't put your family and friends at risk.  

Here are some tips to help keep you and your family Barbeque Safe this summer:

  • Do not take a smouldering or lit BBQ into a tent, caravan or cabin. Your BBQ can still give off fumes even if you’ve finished cooking.
  • Never use a BBQ inside.
  • Always ensure you can see your lit BBQ and ensure you turn it off if it's gas or that you've extinguished it if any other fuel  – don’t leave it lit whilst sleeping.
  • The cooking area should be well away from your seating area, tent, cabin or caravan, and always ensure there is an adequate supply of fresh air.
  • Read the operation instructions and use your BBQ in accordance with them.
  • Be aware of the signs and symptoms of CO poisoning - headaches, nausea, breathlessness, dizziness, collapse and loss of consciousness. If you think you or any of your family are suffering from any of these sypmtoms contact or visit a doctor or A&E or visit NHS Choices if you are unsure.

Some extra hints and tips if you are using a gas BBQ or gas camping equipment:

  • Before you go, check the appliance is in working order, and that hoses are attached and working properly. If in doubt, don’t use the appliance.
  • Make sure the gas taps are turned off before changing the gas cylinder and do this in open air.
  • Don’t over-tighten joints.
  • When you’ve finished cooking, turn off the gas cylinder before the BBQ or gas camping equipment controls so any gas in the pipeline will be used up.
  • Consult the manufacturer’s instructions for advice on how to check for gas escapes, eg brushing leak detection solution around all joints and looking for bubbles.
We wish you a safe and happy camping and BBQ season!

For further information about the services we offer please contact us on 01483 255855.


26th March 2018

BTU staff 'eggceed eggspectations' and donate a 'speggtacular' 152 eggs to the Eagle Radio Easter Egg Appeal 2018

BTU staff, friends and families have once more beaten all their previous records and have donated a 'speggtacular' 152 eggs to Eagle Radio's annual Easter Egg Appeal.

Eagle Radio Easter Egg Appeal

Chief organiser Rae Jones said; 'I am 'eggstatic' and totally impressed by our staff here at BTU. Each year they donate more and more eggs - this year'stotal exceeded 2017's by 13. This means that staff are donating more than one egg each which just shows their generosity and thoughtfulness for the many local children who just might not receive a lovely egg this Easter.'

BTU Installation & Maintenance is a Guildford based, privately owned,businessproviding heating, ventilation and air conditioning services to commercial, industrial, local government and private homeowners for over 50 years.


For further information about the services we offer please contact us on 01483 255855.

5th December 2017

6 Simple Heating Hacks to keep you warm and safe and your energy bills down!


Now that the weather is forecast to get worse and winter is beginning to set in, we thought this would be a good time to give some really helpful tips that will help keep your home warm and safe and at the same time help keep your heating bills under control.

You can view our Heating Hacks Infographic below, or if you prefer, you can download it here.


6 Heating Hacks for the Winter 22112017


If you would like to find out more about BTU Installation & Maintenance or enquire about a repair, service or installation - call 01483 255855.


29th September 2017

BTU staff rise to the challenge and raise an amazing £471.95 for MacMillan Coffee Morning!

IMG 6418

The staff at BTU Installation & Maintenance love a challenge and when it comes in the guise of a fundraising cake sale for the MacMillan Coffee Morning - they really excel! Organised by Customer Services agent Rae Jones each year - 2017 has seen a fantastic increase of £125.90 in funds raised.


Rae says'I am so impressed with the way staff in the business support the MacMillan Coffee Morning each year. Whether it's in the creativity of the cakes baked or the generosity of the donations - they really show their colours.'


This years cakes included a green MacMillan coffee mug chocolate cake with dunking biscuit baked by Rae's daughter Becky, Custard Cream and Bourbon biscuit fairy cakes baked by Sharon, one of our team leaders and everything from flapjacks to brownies, rocky road, lemon drizzle, coffee cake and vegan cupcakes. Plus, far too many more to mention.


So Friday saw a very satisfied bunch of staff and a very full collection box for MacMillan - roll on 2018!













18th September 2017

Gas Safety Week: Fighting for a Gas Safe nation


We are proud to be supporting Gas Safety Week 2017, taking place 18th– 24thSeptember.


Gas Safety Week is an annual safety week to raise awareness of gas safety and the importance of taking care of your gas appliances. It is cCheck the ID cardo-ordinated by Gas Safe Register, the official list of gas engineers who are legally allowed to work on gas.


Badly fitted and poorly serviced gas appliances can cause gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning. Every year thousands of people across the UK are diagnosed with carbon monoxide poisoning. It is a highly poisonous gas. You can’t see it, taste it or smell it, but it can kill quickly with no warning.


By taking care of your gas appliances properly you are taking care of your home and your loved ones.


Follow these few simple checks to keep you and your family safe.

  • Check your gas appliances every year.Gas appliances should be safety checked once a year and serviced regularly by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Tenants – make sure your landlord arranges this. Set a reminder so you don’t forget or simply call BTU - we will automatically diary your annual service and check once you book your first service with us.
  • Check your engineer is Gas Safe registered.All BTU gas engineers are Gas Safe Registered so you can have peace of mind when we visit your home.
  • Check your engineer’s Gas Safe Register ID card.Our engineers would be delighted to show you their Gas Safe registration card so you can check that they are qualified for the work you need doing. You can find this information on the back of the card.
  • Check for warning signs your appliances aren’t working correctly e.g. lazy yellow or orange flames instead of crisp blue ones, black marks on or around the appliance and too much condensation in the room.
  • Know the six signs of carbon monoxide poisoning– headaches, dizziness, breathlessness, nausea, collapse and loss of consciousness.
  • Have an audible carbon monoxide alarm.This will alert you if there is carbon monoxide in your home. If you don't have one - we would be delighted to fit one for you. We fit CO alarms free of charge if we are already at your home or premises undertaking a service or repair.

To find out more about the services that BTU Installation & Maintenance offers businesses and homeowners you can browse our website.


Call us



24 April 2017

The 'silent killer' in our homes

With 75% of English homes at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning, Paul Merritt, Managing Director of Guildford heating specialists BTU Installation and Maintenance, urges homeowners to take action.


The recent publication of the English Housing Survey, in March 2017, shows that only a quarter (28%) of homes have a carbon monoxide alarm installed. This has prompted Paul Merritt, Managing Director of BTU Installation & Maintenance, one of Surrey, London and the South East’s most established heating companies, to highlight the risk posed for families and dwellings without a carbon monoxide alarm. He is urging all homeowners and landlords without alarms installed - to install one. To help people understand the importance of carbon monoxide awareness, BTU has created a downloadable information sheet ‘CO Safety Matters’. It will be distributed via the BTU website and social media.


Happy Famly AdobeStock_75572615


‘We already know that householders are mindful of the safety of their families,’ says Mr Merritt, ‘as according the English House Survey, 89% of homes have fire alarms installed. But, with the most recently published survey reporting that only 28% of homes have a carbon monoxide alarm – it shows that homeowners are running significant risks.’

‘And to underpin the importance of having a CO alarm, RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) reports that there are 40 deaths and 200 hospitalisations related to CO poisoning each year in England & Wales. Recent figures from the Department of Health indicate that there are 4,000 attendances at accident and emergency departments for treatment for CO poisoning each year in England - which can often lead to lasting neurological damage. The groups most at risk are children under 14 and the over 65’s. So, we all really need to think about this.’

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer, it is colourless and odourless and the symptoms are not always easy to pick up until it is too late. Carbon Monoxide gas is produced when a gas appliance has been incorrectly fitted, badly repaired or poorly maintained. It can also occur if flues, chimneys or vents are blocked. So having an alarm can give great peace of mind. But, you shouldn’t just depend on the alarm for your safety and the safety of your family,’ he continues.


Keeping your boiler serviced on an annual basis is critical both for safety and for the efficiency of your boiler. So not getting your boiler serviced annually is really a false economy. An inefficient boiler can cost up to £300 extra to run each year and if not serviced, it will deteriorate more quickly and need replacement sooner – as well as putting your family at risk!

Another safety factor is the risk run by homeowners not checking that the engineer they book to fix, fit or service their boiler or appliance is fully accredited by Gas Safe Registered HETAS and OFTEC.

‘At BTU we wholeheartedly encourage everyone to get a carbon monoxide alarm installed when they are getting their heating system or appliances serviced. A good quality alarm shouldn’t cost more than a few quid – average costs are £25.00 (including fitting and commissioning during a regular service). That’s not a high price to pay for your family’s safety. Plus, for extra security, don’t forget to check the engineer you use is Gas Safe Registered. Just ask to see their card.’ Mr Merritt concludes.


A standard gas boiler service from one of BTU Installation & Maintenance Gas Safe Register accredited engineers costs from £90.00 (this includes VAT and there are no extra costs).


Learn more about BTU Installation & Maintenance servicing costs.


To book a service call 01483 255855 or email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


You can download our Information Sheet 'CO Safety Matters' here.



April 2017

BTU Installation & Maintenance makes bumper contribution to Eagle Radio Easter Egg Appeal 2017


BTU Installation & Maintenance staff, friendsand family have collected a bumper139easter eggs for Eagle Radio's Easter Egg Appeal 2017!


BTU Easter Eggs2017

'We are absolutely delighted to have gathered so many eggs for this year's Eagle Radio EasterEgg Appeal from staff,friendsand family', said Rae Jones the chief organiserof the collection.


'Our staff are very mindful of the many local families with children who may not be able to afford Easter Eggs and this year they have exceeded all ourexpectations with their generous donations. The number of eggs donated is significantly over the number of staff we have so, most of our staff have given more than one egg. Thisyear's collection of 139 eggs has beaten our 2016 contribution record by 30, so we are absolutely delighted!' she finishes.


BTU Installation & Maintenance is a Guildford based, privately owned,businessproviding heating, ventilation and air conditioning services to commercial, industrial, local government and private homeowners for over 50 years.


For further information, about the services we offer homeowners please contact us on 01483 255855.

January 2017

Two in three home buyers don't check the Gas Safety record of their new home before moving in according to research carried out by CORGI HomePlan!

Landlord Image

Here are some tips to help you ensure your new home is gas safe before you move in:

  1. Ask the vendor for the property’s Gas Safety Record. This will show when a Gas Safe registered professional checked the property’s gas appliances and installation pipework.
  2. If they are unsure about this, you have the law on your side. Under the Building Regulations act, local authorities must be informed about the installation of heat producing gas appliances in a home. It’s a seller’s responsibility to have a copy of the Building Regulations certificate.
  3. If a Gas Safety Record is unable to be provided, do it yourself. Book a Gas Safe registered professional to inspect all gas appliances in the property before you agree to buy.
  4. The most common heat producing appliances are boilers, water heaters, gas fires, flued cooking ranges and warm air heaters.
  5. Check for the presence of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms throughout the 
  6. property. Check that they are working.

Read more about this worrying trend here.



For further information, about the services we offer homeowners please contact us on 01483 255855.

November 2016

Is your home 'Winter Ready'?

Winter is fast approaching and boiler breakdown season will soon be upon us!



Making sure your boiler is winter ready - is well worth the time and effort - who wants to find their hot water or radiators aren't working on a freezing Monday morning?


Here are some hints and tips from boiler experts BTU Installation & Maintenance which will help you keep your family safe and warm this winter.


  • Get your boilerserviced annually, it's the best way to make sure you don't have problems when the weather changes and your boiler is suddenly under pressure!

  • If you have a pressurised system,check the pressureregularly and (if required) adjust it so that it matches the recommended readings in your boiler manual.

  • Make sure your pumps arerunning smoothly- during the summer turn your boiler on every now and then for 10-15minutes

  • Test yourcentral heating timer to make sure that it is working correctly.

  • Regularly inspect your boiler for any signs of leaks or damage.

  • Make sure that your boiler condensate pipe iscorrectly lagged, to stop it from freezing during cold weather.

  • Check your boiler for sooty black marks - if you notice anycall a qualified engineerimmediately.

  • Bleed your radiatorsregularly toremove excess airfrom your central heating system.

  • Make sure that your boiler hasadequate ventilationremove any clutter around it - especially if it's in a cupboard.

  • Checkthat all external vents, flues and air bricks are clear.

  • If you have a gas boiler, make sure that thepilot light has a strong blue flame. If the flame is yellow or smoky report the problem to an engineer immediately.

  • If you have an oil boiler,check your oil levelsregularly. Try not to run out of oil as if the system gets clogged up with sludge and debris it could damage your boiler.

  • Always keep a copy of your boiler manual close to hand, orcheck the manufacturer's websitefor troubleshooting information.

  • All homes with gas boilers and appliances should have aCarbon Monoxide Detectorinstalled. You should also test it at least once a month.

Also, by getting your boiler serviced annually you should save money on your heating bills and the warranty will remain valid.

BTU's annual boiler service costs start at as little as £82.80

To book a service simply call us on

01483 255855

October 2016

Did you know that 1 in 6 homes in the South East were found to have unsafe gas appliances?

Repairman-Working-on-Fireplace-for-a-Senior-Woman- resize_14880249_LargeIn a recent report from Gas Safe Register (the body that ensures anyone working with gas is fully qualified) it was found that there were unsafe gas appliances in 1 out of 6 homes checked in the South East.


Paul Merritt,Managing Director of Guildford based boiler installation and maintenance specialists says:

"All gas appliances need to be safety checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer and serviced annually according to the manufacturer's instructions. If you don't do this each year, you could be exposing your family to carbon monoxide poisoning."

"With winter fast approaching"he continues, "we are all turning on our heating and gas fireplaces for the first time in a number of months, so you don't want to leave your family's safety to chance. You can get your gas appliances, boilers, fireplaces, cookers plus pipework inspected when you get your annual service - that way you can be confident that your family is safe. If you are a landlord it's the law."

He finishes with some helpful advice,"It's also worth taking into account that ifyour boiler or appliance is not working efficiently - that your fuel bills will be higher - so it's really worth your while gettinga service and an inspection completed, you could be surprised the difference that will make to your home heating bill!"

Here are some useful tips which will help you determine whether it's time to get your boiler serviced.

If you notice that:

  • The gas appliance is not working properly
  • The appliance is burning with a lazy yellow flame rather than a crisp blue one
  • There are black stains or marks around the gas appliance
  • The pilot light keeps going out
  • There is increased condensation in the room
It's time to get our boiler checked and serviced!
To book a service or an inspection for your home's gas appilances you can contact BTUMaintenance on01483 590690oryou can email uswith a query.
A typical Gas Boiler service costs from: £86.40 (including VAT). Check out our priceshere.
Who we are
BTU is a family owned business and has been based in Guildford since 1963. We pride ourselves on the care we provide to all of our customers whether private residential, local authority, education, industrial or commercial. All of our engineers are fully gas safe registered and are DBS (formerly CRB) checked for extra peace of mind.

For further information, about the services we offer homeowners please contact us on 01483 255855.

BTU 50th Anniversary 2013 resized


July 2016




BTU Installation and Maintenance chief Paul MerrittwelcoBES Logo Master smallermes the emphasis placed on the importance of technical competence, commercial capability and adherence to safety best practice by Malcolm Thomson, incoming president of the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA).


In his anaugural address Mr Thomson reiterated that the over-riding duty of the BESA is to help its members to face up to present and future challenges.


“We must emphasise to clients the high levels of technical competence, commercial capability and adherence to safety best practice that members are required to maintain – and we must address the skills shortages that threaten to limit the extent to which members can take advantage of commercial opportunities,” Mr Thomson told his audience at the annual general meeting of the association.


“We must protect and enhance the reputation of the BESA badge as one of quality and reliability – and we must ensure that membership remains healthy in number and representative of the sector.”


And he added that he would be very proud indeed if, during his presidency, he could encourage BESA’s major members to use its smaller members as preferred sub-contractors.


One of the key reasons why small firms joined the association was to gain an understanding of the practices adopted by larger members, so that they could become “more professional, more innovative and more efficient in all aspects of their business”, said Mr Thomson.


“I believe that, by fostering lasting relationships between the large guys and the small guys, much advantage can be gained by both parties,” he concluded.


To find out more about the BTU Group of companies, visit or call us on 01483 255855.

June 2016


BTU Group companies a FORS to be reckoned with!


Today, 9th June 2016, Paul Merritt, Chairman and Chief Executive of Guildford based integrated mechanical and electrical building servicFORS Accreditation resize_2es and domestic central heating specialists, BTU Installation and Maintenance announced that the group has just achieved Bronze accreditation status for their commercial company vehicles from the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme.


Mr Merritt said, ‘Bronze accreditation confirms that an operator employs good practices and complies with the requirements laid out by the FORS Standard. As a company, we are committed to attaining the highest standards across all our operations so that we can ensure our customers and clients can be confident we are delivering the best level of service available.’


He continues, ‘The Bronze accreditation includes demonstrating dedication to driver and vehicle safety, combined with improving operating practices through effective monitoring of fuel and tyre usage.’ In conclusion he added, ‘We are very proud to have achieved this level of recognition and aim to constantly offer ‘best in class’ service and support for our customers.’

January 2016


BTU Achieves CIPS Sustainability Index Certification


BTU Installation & Maintenance is delighted to announce that it has become a rated supplier on the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) Sustainability Index.

CipsLogo small


‘Being able to demonstrate our capability to be ‘partner of choice’ to our existing and future customers is a key plank in our business strategy’, said Paul Merritt, Chief Executive and Chairman of the BTU Group of companies. ‘I believe we have moved significantly closer to this ambition by attaining scores that are almost 30% higher than equivalent companies across all three CIPS pillars of Economic, Environmental and Social Sustainability.’


‘We operate in the incredibly competitive environment of building and facilities management and construction where it is critical to demonstrate that we are good partners for our clients,’ he continues. ‘This is a real win for BTU, as we believe that this recognition will give us a real edge when bidding for business in 2016.’


‘But we are not sitting on our laurels’ adds Merritt, ‘there have been some key learnings to take from this exercise and we aim to use these to improve our overall scoring, and our business, when we are next assessed.’


You can view our CIPS Certificate here.



To find out more about the BTU Group of companies, visit or call us on 01483 255855.

April 2015

The Eagle Radio’s Easter Egg Appeal.


The BTU Group of Companies have been supporting local charities forover 50 years and this year we started off our fundraising in supportofEagle Radio’s Easter Egg Appeal.


The aim of the appeal is to help more than 50 charities and organisations, benefiting thousands of youngsters and simply to make Easter a happier time forless-fortunate youngsters in our area.


Our members of staff where all extremely generous when donating chocolate eggs and this year we collected an amazing 95 eggs for this very worthwhile charity!


Well done to all at BTU Group & thank you for your continued support & generosity!


April 2015 - BTU Group Help Charity Event at Eagle Radio - Easter Egg Appeal

To find out more about the BTU Group of companies, visit or call us on 01483 255855.

December 2014

The BTU Golden Year Final Day Celebration


2014 was a milestone year for BTU (Installation and Maintenance) Ltd and BTU (Poolservices) Ltd .The family owned businesses celebrated 50 and 40 years respectively by dedicating the year as a charity fundraiser for their chosen charity Oakleaf Enterprise, the only charity in Surrey working as a Social Enterprise to provide vocational training for those suffering from mental health issues.


The BTU Group Golden Anniversary year of fundraising was concluded with a cocktail party hosted by Britten’s restaurant in Sydenham Road Guildford.Paul Merritt, The Chairman of The BTU Group was joined by the Mayor of Guildford, Cllr David Elms to present a cheque for £10,000 to Nick Powell and Clive Stone of Oakleaf Enterprise.


Paul Merritt, Chairman of BTU Group of Companies quoted:

“I would like to extend a big thank you to all our customers and friends in the industry who supported our milestone year by playing in our golf day at the Royal Automobile Club in Epsom, and those who generously donated through sponsorship and prizes.”


Nick Powell, Chairman of Oakleaf Enterprise quoted:

“We are so grateful to have the support of The BTU Group in this special year of celebration. Not only have we had the opportunity to work with a local business, but together we have raised awareness of mental health in the community. Thank you again to Chairman Paul Merritt and his wonderful team.”


Nick Powell, Clive Stone,Mayor of Guildford, Cllr David Elms, Paul Merritt Paul Merritt,Mayor of Guildford, Cllr David Elms, Vivienne Cracknell, Daniel Britten

Dec 2014 - BTU Group with Guildford Mayor  Oakleaf EnterprisesDec 2014 - BTU Celebrate


September 2014



THE historic RAC club in Epsom played host to the BTU Group of Companies' charity golf day. Over 70 golfers took part in the competition on the Old Course, with the best two scores being counted.The winning team, Patrick Winterbotham, Elliot Geal, Adrian Jones and Charlie Hickman, scored 95 points.


After play the golfers were joined for lunch by the Mayor of Guildford, Cllr David Elms, with his escort David Warren and another dozen guests including Diana Merritt, wife of the late founder of BTU Installation and Maintenance Alan Merritt.


BTU (Installation and Maintenance) Ltd and BTU (Poolservices) Ltd are celebrating 50 and 40 years respectively by dedicating the year as a charity fund-raiser for their chosen charity Oakleaf Enterprise, the only charity in Surrey working as a Social Enterprise to provide vocational training for those suffering from mental health issues.


After lunch, Gerri Smyth movingly described to the guests how Oakleaf has helped her to recover after a spell of mental illness and is providing her with training in upholstery, to help re-build her confidence. The guests then contributed by bidding in a lively auction conducted by Epsom racehorse trainer Simon Dow, raising more than £8,000.



The Royal Automobile Club House, Epsom, Surrey



December 2013


Golden Celebration for local Guildford Business

BTU Group of companies was founded in 1963 during one of the coldest winters on record by local businessmen, Alan Merritt. It was to be the birth of a hugely successful Guildford business.


Mayor of Guildford, Cllr Diana Lockyer-Nibbs, attended the special celebration at the BTU Group headquarters in Weyside Road, which marked 50 years to the day since the business was started.


A private family business, now chaired by Paul Merritt, with a turnover of £13 million, BTU directly employs over 1OO staff and engineers. Paul has used his visionary talent to continue developing the services of the business, which was started with the aim of ensuring people have access 24/7 365 days a year to support and repairs for heating services.


Paul said:"l speak proudly on behalf of the directors and the company in saying that we're delighted to be celebrating 50 years of excellent service to the industry. BTU will continue, committed to our philosophy of working in partnership to provide continuous improvements in everything we do, both now and in the future.”




Guildford Mayor, Cllr Diana Lockyer-Nibbs, Andrew McCracken and Paul Merritt

Dec 2013 - BTU Group Celebrate 50 year Anniversary with Cllr Diana Lockyer-Nibbs.1



March 5th 2012

BTU has successfully wonacontract to be the fully trained and registered installer of the Floodcheck solution in London and the home counties.


Paul Merritt,Chairman,stated “after extensive research into the flood preventionproducts on the market and the variety ofdifferent devices available, it was very apparent there was only one choicewhich was Floodcheck.BTU have now done the required research and development within the industry and are delighted to be partnered with Floodcheckon their supply and installation projects".


Floodcheckhas a 10 yearprovenrecord of being thebestsolution on themarketplaceandarethereforeexactly the type of business BTU strive to beassociated with. As with every product or project we associate with the main target is to be customer focussed by being preventative with vision, rather than reactive through emergency maintenance.


We have recently been indiscussionwith manydifferentinsurance companies who are now giving their customers a lower premium insurance once Floodcheck is fitted, giving our BTU customers a win-win situation along with the peace of mind when not at the property.

BTU 50th Anniversary 2013BES LogoAccredited Contractor ResizedconstructionlineLogo resizedExor-Roundel resizedFORS-Logo01Gas Safe logo reg BTU MAINTENANCE_resizedNICEIC Approved-contractor Reg 4col_resizedlogo med-oftec2 Refcom -« Logo F-Gas Certificated resizedSeal colour SafeContractor Sticker resizedSOC CI UKAS-H-ISO 9001-RGBISO 14001 Registered - Grey resized