Our Maintenance Offering

Our team of over 80 directly employed and dedicated long-serving engineers provide expertise across a full spectrum of mechanical and electrical engineering systems.

We provide best-in-class maintenance services in the form of planned preventative maintenance, reactive maintenance and project works for all types of large public, industrial and commercial buildings. Our engineers are fully accredited for the technical and operational activities required by the exacting standards of our customers today.

These services include:

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, also known as HVAC. Services are provided for a wide variety of HVAC systems ranging from simple residential boilers to more complex systems found in industrial and commercial buildings.
  • Lighting. Sometimes overlooked, keeping your lighting system working properly not only is important for aesthetics, but also for safety.
  • Power. Power supply is essential for the operation of all the systems and equipment used in industrial and commercial buildings, so we make sure yours is always up and running.
  • Water hygiene and treatment. Keep a safe environment while maintaining your water hygiene and treatment systems in perfect conditions.
  • Firefighting systems and building fabric maintenance. Making sure that both the people inside a building and the environment are safe is a must. Therefore, knowing your firefighting systems and building fabric are maintained properly will provide you the peace of mind you need.

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Customer Onboarding, Frameworks and Partnerships

We welcome our customers by setting the right frameworks and partnerships so they can obtain the highest value from the services we provide.

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Blue and white concrete building

Total Asset Management

Addressing cost, environmental impact and other challenges while managing your facilities requires a holistic and integrated approach.

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Energy Evaluation

We rely on professionals with the right expertise to evaluate the current state of your energy consumption.

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Budget Planning

Like any other project, maintenance requires appropriate money allocation and BTU provides the budget planning needed to achieve your goals.

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Client Showcase

Client Showcase

Check out our work in our Client Showcase.

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