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This was a comprehensive project which involved completely stripping out, upgrading and replacing the existing cooling system with chillers located on the roof of this 24-storey building in central London. It also required repositioning external condensers, re-routing the external underground gas main and the construction of a new acoustic chiller enclosure.

In addition, the installation of new LED lighting throughout the building, removal and replacement of ceilings, replacing existing main door with a Diffusion ‘Oasis’ LPHW door curtain and testing and commissioning of the complete integrated system was performed.

The most relevant tasks performed included:
Asbestos survey and removal – before any other work could begin.
Redundant services – they were stripped out and disposed.
Acoustic enclosure for external chiller units – designed and constructed.
New Chiller and Chilled Water Pipework – this was installed leaving an allowance to extend at a later date.
New LPHW secondary circuit – installed to connect the new FCUs with the existing main heating plant.
Existing Siemens BMS control system – was modified and added to, to control and monitor the new LPHW Heating and Chilled Water Installations.
Thermal insulation – was installed to all new chilled water and LPHW circulation pipework.
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